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Do you love adventures? Do you love cycling? Do you have some crazy cross-country escapades planned for 2018? Most importantly, would you like a brand new cycling machine to help you along the way? If you answered yes to the above then we want to hear from you.


We are looking for a keen cyclist with an eye for adventure to support on the quest to explore the great wide world in 2018. Ridgeback is known for providing cyclists and explorers alike with reliable steeds to travel across continents and this year we want to find someone to support. We would like to offer you a brand new Ridgeback to help you as you conquer the great outdoors on two wheels. Just for good measure, we’ll throw in a new set of kit from the good people at Madison Clothing.

All we are after is a short description about what you’re planning and why you deserve a new bike. If you’re willing to keep us updated on social media as you take on the world and have an eye for a decent photo you could be just the person we want to hear from. Simply fill in the below form and good luck!

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Explore the World.

A Ridgeback World series bike offers a cycling experience steeped in history but with the benefit of contemporary technology.

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Ridgeback World Alumni

Pablo & Hippie

Pablo & Hippie (also known as Bikecanine) are our man and furry friend duo. Hippie is Pablos beloved four-legged friend, and together they are currently travelling the world by bike. They set upon long distance bike adventures as a pair to raise funds or awareness for various different causes. Pablo decided to begin his travels in 2010 where he wanted a cheap vacation with his dog, and it developed into worldwide cycling. There journeys see them riding and living out of some of the worlds most beautiful locations. Although no longer riding their Ridgeback Voyage, they will always be a part of our World Series alumni. You can follow their journeys on instagram - @bikecanine.

For a Piece of Cake

For a Piece of Cake is the journey of Chiara Ricciardi and Riccardo Rocchi. The story of an 18,000km ride on two Ridgeback Panoramas, halfway between space and history, from Cesena (Italy) to Singapore, travelling in full autonomy. A slice of cake is an obvious pleasure for many, but an achievement for others: Chiara suffers from type I diabetes, and carbohydrates are an enemy to be defeated through insulin shots and by pushing on pedals. Their journey allowed them to see the beautiful sights of 21 countries over a stretch of 385 days. Their Ridgebacks took them through the likes of Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal, Cambodia and of course Singapore amongst many more. All images provided by Riccardo Rocchi.

The Next Challenge

Tim has organised expeditions to all seven continents, made first and first-British ascents of several mountains from Russia to Bolivia, and has travelled around the world using eighty methods of transport, a trip for which he won the Year Of The Volunteer ‘Award for Innovation’. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a Guinness World Record breaker and was shortlisted as an ‘Adventurer of the Year’. In 2013 Tim and his wife Laura took on the challenge of travelling the world by bike on their Ridgeback Panoramas. Together they cycled across Europe, Asia and America. The adventure was over 16 months, travelling 13,000 miles across 27 countries. Tim is in the process of writing a book of their journey.